From our references

We made a complete renovation of a new home for a very nice lady and her daughter! The apartment is located in a refurbished villa building in Buda, surrounded by an ancient garden. The end result speaks for itself! (more photos are coming soon)

We are in a 10-storey panel building at Madarász Vikor Street in Angyalföld . The owner bought it for investment purposes and it will be his little son's small home later.

We are in Csepel, in a 10-storey panel building at Árpád Street. Our job was that we will renovate an apartment which was inherited from an old lady.



That was our task to build a polishing plant at Budakalász.

There is a very nice family house near Gazdagrét. Our job is to create a builded pool in the garden for a family of several children and build a wine cellar.

Our task was that to modificate and fully refurbish a shop at Bartók Béla út. We think that this is a very nice and trusting little place!